Gallon Water Bottle

Gallon large Insulated Stainless Steel Water Jug

Capacity:64oz  87oz   128oz

Material:304 stainless steel

Customized: logo, color, mould,

Packaging: white box or color box

Sample: free sample

MOQ: 200pcs per color with custom logo


“This product is a bulk OEM thermal leak-proof cup that offers customizable features. Our specialized customization services allow you to personalize the cup according to your specific requirements. You can add your own brand logo, company name, or unique design, creating a perfect match with your brand identity.


What sets us apart is our low minimum order quantities, which means you can enjoy the advantages of personalized customization without the need for large-scale purchases. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses, emerging brands, or individual entrepreneurs, as it helps you save costs while enhancing your brand image.


Designed with a thermal leak-proof mechanism, this cup effectively maintains the temperature of your beverage while preventing any leakage. Whether you’re in the office, participating in outdoor activities, or traveling, you can confidently use this cup.


We prioritize product quality and have utilized high-quality materials in its construction, ensuring durability and environmental friendliness. The cup is free from harmful substances, easy to clean, and suitable for long-term use.


We offer a range of options in terms of capacity and colors to cater to your preferences. Whether you require a smaller capacity for everyday use or a larger one for outdoor activities, we have you covered.


This customizable thermal leak-proof cup is a practical and personalized choice, perfect for corporate promotions, giveaways, and event promotions. With our customization services and low minimum order quantities, it is an ideal option for individuals and small businesses.”


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